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Trade Cloud

  • LocationIndia
  • IndustryIT
  • ServicesStock Advisory Platform

Trade Cloud, a dynamic fintech startup, has developed a comprehensive management solution tailored for stock advisory services. The platform empowers stock analysts, investment advisors, portfolio managers (PMS), and brokerage houses to provide superior advisory experiences, enhance client trust, and increase transparency. This case study explores how Trade Cloud's innovative platform addresses the challenges of stock advisory, enables real-time stock alerts, streamlines client management, and supports brand building.

Technologies Used

  • React React
  •  NodeJs NodeJs
  •  Express Express
  •  MongoDB MongoDB

Hours Spent

10 months



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Development Track

Agile Software Development Approach

Embracing the Agile methodology, Trade Cloud adopted an iterative and flexible approach to software development. This approach allowed them to accommodate evolving requirements, respond to market changes, and continuously refine their platform.

Web-Based Marketplace Development

Trade Cloud embarked on creating a web-based marketplace that seamlessly integrated the core features required by stock advisors. This development phase involved creating a user-friendly interface, robust backend functionalities, and real-time communication capabilities.

Real-time Stock Alert Infrastructure

One of the critical components of Trade Cloud's platform was the real-time stock alert system. To implement this feature, the development team engineered a dynamic infrastructure that fetched stock data in real-time and enabled automated alert broadcasting.

Multi-Platform Communication Integration

To ensure effective communication between advisors and clients, Trade Cloud integrated various communication channels, including Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, SMS, and a mobile app. The development process included building APIs for seamless interaction across these platforms.

Challenges and solutions

 Data Accuracy and Reliability

 Real-time stock information must be accurate and reliable to make informed investment decisions.

Our team implemented robust data feeds from reputable financial data providers. Use redundant data sources and failover mechanisms to ensure continuous data availability.

Speed and Latency

 Real-time stock advisory platforms require low latency to provide up-to-the-minute information.

Distinct Cloud Labs Used high-speed networks, optimized database queries, and employed caching mechanisms to reduce latency. Distributed data across multiple servers or data centers for redundancy.

User Authentication and Security

Ensuring the security of user accounts and financial information is paramount.

Our Team Implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, and secure login protocols.

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