What we do

Our AI Enablement Services

AI is more than writing algorithms and updating infrastructure. Successful projects require effort and expertise to identify the best opportunities, the biggest gaps, and the most likely paths forward for implementing algorithms that will ultimately deliver true business value.


AI Strategy and Consulting

We provide businesses with tailored AI strategies, including identifying opportunities for AI integration, developing AI roadmaps, and offering expert consulting on how to leverage AI for competitive advantage.


Custom AI Development

We create bespoke AI solutions tailored to specific business needs, such as developing machine learning models, natural language processing systems, computer vision applications, and predictive analytics tools.


AI Integration and Deployment

Assist clients in integrating AI technologies into their existing systems and workflows. This includes deploying AI models, setting up necessary infrastructure, and ensuring seamless integration with other software tools.


AI Training and Support

Offer training programs and ongoing support to help clients understand and effectively use AI technologies. This can include workshops, hands-on training sessions, and continuous technical support to ensure the successful adoption of AI solutions.

Unlock the Power of Generative AI

Unlock the transformative power of generative AI to revolutionize your business operations. Enhance content creation, delivering high-quality, engaging materials at scale, and provide unparalleled customer experiences with intelligent, personalized interactions. Streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows, boosting efficiency and freeing up resources for strategic initiatives. Drive innovation with AI-powered insights, uncovering hidden opportunities and making data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition. Embrace generative AI and propel your business into a new era of creativity, efficiency, and growth.

AI at Distinct Cloud Labs

A robust tram of 50+ tech talents who are experienced in creating enterprise level software.


40% cost savings. Save on costs for equivalent work compared to your locality.


Retention rate. Our service reputation is what makes our people happy and long-lasting.

On-Time Delivery

And Faster Time to Market. We use Latest Technology and Agile Approach


Our Workflow

AI Consulting Session and Project Estimation

We offer free AI consulting, create a detailed roadmap, and, upon agreement, finalize the contract and set up the project team.

Solution and Architecture Design.

We begin with a solution architecture design document detailing the data pipeline, monitoring service, hypotheses, and optimal ML/DL architectures.

R&D Process Setup.

Our data science & AI dev team adjusted Agile methodologies from web development for Machine Learning / Deep Learning R&D cycle including Kanban and Scrum. To set up the R&D process, we configure the tools and team operations to track, control, and iterate on the progress.

Models Development and Training.

Our ML team anonymizes data, gathers and labels datasets, cleans data, develops the ML/DL pipeline, trains models, and optimizes performance.

Service Development and Deployment

Alongside model development, we merge data and ML pipelines, create the end API or service, and deploy to cloud, servers, mobile, or embedded devices.

System monitoring & knowledge transfer

We integrate monitoring, testing, and CI/CD for insights, document the solution, conduct workshops, improve performance, add features, and provide ongoing support.

Voices of Confidence

Hear What Our Clients Say

Welcome to Distinct Cloud Labs, where digital innovation meets strategic excellence. As a dynamic force in the realm of digital marketing, we are dedicated to propelling businesses into the spotlight of online success.

Adam Plotkin
COO, EduSynch

Very Please with the Work Quality and on Time Delivery of the Project.

We are extremely happy with the team at Distinct. Every member of the team has been a pleasure to work with. We appreciate their dedication to our project and hope that they continue working with us in the future

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Mary Billman
Acropolis Investment Mgmt, LLC

The team has put forth a very high-quality product that will help my business succeed in the future.

Although the project is still in development, the client has been pleased with the quality of Distinct Cloud Labs’ work so far. The team communicates effectively through Google Docs, Jira, Slack, email, phone calls, and text messages. Moreover, their execution is impressive.

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James A.
Founder, Software Company

I've had a smooth experience working with them.

All deliverables have been completed on time and are according to specifications. Distinct Cloud Labs ensures a seamless workflow by consistently delivering quality services on time and regularly updating the client on the project's progress. The partners mainly communicate via in-person meetings.

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Peter Stephenson
COO, Nimble Australia Pty Ltd

The team's commitment is impressive. We feel like one team.

The MVP is now stable and functional; Distinct Cloud Labs has constantly increased the functionality to fulfil the client's needs. The team is responsive and available at a high level. Moreover, they communicate regularly through sync meetings, emails, and messaging apps.

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Adam J. Plotkin
Co-Founder & COO, EduSynch

Distinct Cloud Labs responded to our needs and delivered the project on time.

The client was satisfied with Distinct Cloud Labs’ work, thanks to their all-encompassing technical expertise. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the service provider's consistency and communication skills.

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Nicola Metcalfe
CEO, Beyond Real Estate

Their way of keeping us up to date with their everyday work on our project was amazing.

Thanks to Distinct Cloud Labs' efforts, the client's app has achieved top rankings in both the Google search engine and the Play Store. The team of communicative developers has demonstrated their commitment to the project, resulting in a successful outcome and increased visibility for the app.

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Peter Stephenson
Chief Operating Officer at Nimble Australia Pty Ltd

Result - Oriented Digital Marketing

I recently had the pleasure of working with Distinct Cloud Lab. for a marketing project. Their expertise in creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces exceeded my expectations. They showcased effective project management, ensuring the marketing process stayed on course. Their expertise, professionalism, and ability to create visually striking and user-friendly interfaces make them an invaluable partner. I highly recommend Distinct Cloud Lab. for any markketing services of your industry.

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Co Founder, Signet Tags

All deliverables have been completed on time and are according to specifications.

Our collaboration with Distinct Cloud Labs was great. We shared our development milestones, and they stuck to them. By December 2022, our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was ready, including a website and an app. Working with them was smooth, and they promptly fulfilled all our requirements. They even provided us with an initial wireframe within just one month of starting the project. We had daily calls to discuss how the project was going, which helped keep us in the loop. It was a positive experience overall!

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Howard Migdal
EVP, North America & CEO at Grubhub

Exceptional Mobile App Development Partner!

Distinct Cloud Labs displayed remarkable professionalism and adaptability. They not only delivered a sleek, user-friendly app but also offered innovative ideas to improve user engagement. Communication was a breeze; they kept us updated every step of the way and promptly addressed our concerns.

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Gregory Tornberg
Senior Director, Finance & Strategy at DoorDash

Exceptional Mobile App Developers

Our collaboration with Distinct Cloud Labs has been a game-changer. From the get-go, we were impressed by their commitment to understanding our unique needs. Their team showcased a deep understanding of the mobile app development landscape, offering insightful suggestions that streamlined our project. Communication was seamless, and they kept us in the loop at every step.

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Eddie Sorg
Chief Operating Officer at ArcBest at ArcBest

Amazing IT Support from Distinct Cloud Labs!

Distinct IT services have transformed our operations, making them more efficient and seamless. They excel in providing innovative solutions tailored to our specific needs. Their team is responsive and dedicated, always there to troubleshoot issues and provide quick solutions. We've seen a significant improvement in data security and reliability, thanks to their expert management.

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Marcus Cheng
Chief Executive Officer at Acclivis Technologies and Solutions

Boosted our client base with Distinct Cloud Labs' top-tier leads

We engaged with Distinct Cloud Labs for lead generation, and the experience has been transformative. Our company faced challenges in reaching our target audience effectively. Distinct Cloud Labs provided a tailored solution, understanding our unique needs. The team's approach was refreshing, focusing on quality over quantity. Their strategies aligned seamlessly with our goals, yielding high-quality leads that translated into meaningful business opportunities.

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Robert Witmmer
Managing Director at Liberty Medical LLC

Innovative Teamwork with Distinct Cloud Labs

We hired Distinct Cloud Labs to build our hospital's website, and the experience was fantastic. They demonstrated a profound understanding of our healthcare needs from the initial consultation to the final launch. The website's design perfectly reflects our dedication to patient care. The procedure went smoothly, with clear communication at every stage. They expertly incorporated features essential for a healthcare website, ensuring usability and accessibility.

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Graham Hooper
President & CEO at Ellison Technologies

Excellent lead generation services

Our partnership with Distinct has been truly transformative for our company. Our lead generation efforts have been greatly aided by the tailored approach and strategic insights provided. The team's dedication to understanding our industry's unique challenges distinguishes them. Their customized solutions, combined with open communication, have resulted in a collaborative partnership. They not only met, but exceeded our expectations, demonstrating a thorough understanding of our market and delivering high-quality leads that converted effectively. The results speak for themselves, and Distinct has proven to be an invaluable asset to our growth strategy.

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Joshua Yim
Founder & CEO at Achieve Group

Distinct Cloud Labs - A top notch Blockchain Development Company to work with

Working with the team of Distinct was an awesome experience. The entire project was divided in a stepwise manner and the work was carried out accordingly. Most importantly, the work was completed within the specified deadline. Each of the team members of Distinct is a recognized specialist in his or her genre. They possess in-depth knowledge in whatever they are doing and hence results are always excellent.

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Mark Gomez
Product Manager at Transfix

Simple but innovative app development done by Distinct Cloud Labs

I contacted Distinct Cloud Labs to develop an app for my business. The app's purpose was to provide a forum for freshers to locate transit or jobs in the cities of their choice, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They built a professional-looking product that is easy to use. As I was new to the subject of mobile app development, the team was incredibly patient in their work and also presented a variety of different ideas.

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Alicia Melendez
Administrative Assistant at Cedar at Cedar

Revolutionize our online presence with a friendly software development

Our experience with Distinct cloud labs was outstanding from start to finish. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication were evident throughout the development project. Effective communication, a deep understanding of our brand needs, and a commitment to delivering a high-quality product resulted in a visually appealing and User friendly interface that exceeded our expectations. The team's flexibility, attention to detail, and robust post-launch support further demonstrated their commitment to our success. Overall, Distinct cloud labs not only met but surpassed our requirements, making the entire collaboration a pleasure and a success. Distinct cloud labs is a perfect partner for your development!

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Alex Bessonov
Founder at BitClave

Distinct Cloud Labs supported us with a dedicated testing team

We engaged Distinct Cloud Labs to establish a QA testing team from scratch for the successful release of our new website. Distinct Cloud Labs expertly handled the recruitment of skilled specialists and proposed an optimized workflow to facilitate seamless communication and ensure top-notch results.

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Gleb Timofeev
Co-Founder at StickerRide

They don't just do the work, they also offer useful insights.

They don't just do the work, they also offer useful insights. The team impressed with their collaborative mindset, business knowledge, and capable project management. Distinct works transparently and offers real-time support to customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about our services

Generative AI refers to algorithms capable of generating new content, including text, images, and music, by learning from vast datasets. It's revolutionising industries by automating creative processes, enhancing personalisation, and improving decision-making. From marketing and entertainment to healthcare and finance, Generative AI's impact is widespread, driving innovation and efficiency.

RAG models enhance the capabilities of traditional generative AI by integrating a retrieval component. When generating content, these models first search a large database of information to find relevant content. This retrieved information is then combined with the generative model's knowledge to produce more accurate, informative, and contextually relevant responses.

LLMs are advanced AI models trained on extensive text data, enabling them to understand and generate human-like text. Their significance lies in their ability to perform a wide range of language tasks, from translation and summarization to question-answering and content creation, with remarkable accuracy and coherence, paving the way for next-generation AI applications.

Yes, Generative AI models can be fine-tuned on specialized datasets to cater to specific industries or tasks. This process involves additional training that adjusts the model's weights to better reflect the nuances of the target domain, enhancing performance in areas like legal analysis, medical advice, or targeted marketing campaigns.

Ethical considerations include ensuring data privacy, preventing the creation and spread of misinformation, and avoiding bias. It's crucial to implement robust guidelines and monitoring to ensure Generative AI is used responsibly, promoting transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI-generated content.

Businesses can leverage Generative AI to automate content creation, enhance customer service through chatbots, improve product recommendations, and streamline operations. By adopting Generative AI, companies can boost efficiency, drive innovation, and offer personalized experiences, gaining a competitive edge in their markets.