Customer behavior analysis to increase online purchase rates

Analyzing customer behavior on the web pages, predicting and preventing revenue losses.

Virtual Girlfriend

Talk to her and stop being lonely.

Virtual wine advisor for a wine-focused company

A chat system with integrated semantic search engine features linked to a Metaverse layer.

Bookstore's Knowledge and Memories Assistant

Multilevel hierarchical knowledge and memories are built with LangChain.

Travel Assistant Chatbot

AI-Powered Travel Assistant Chatbot for a Travel Agency

Candidate scoring model for a job search platform

How AI can help detecting Ideal candidates for a Job profile.

AI-based Learning Platform for Indian School Curriculum

This is an DCL home grown project. The project is designed to help students in providing personalized educational content and assessments.

AI-Powered Customer Support Chatbot for E-Commerce

How this company handled the volume of customer queries efficiently with this AI chatbot