Software testing services


Discover better software solutions through testing.

In the world of software, there's always a chance for bugs to creep in. They could be small or big, obvious or hidden, but they are never good. We can help you find these bugs before users do and make sure that your project is as robust as it can be.

Distinct Cloud helps you to eliminate software bugs and errors at the development stage itself, before they become a part of your production application.


Types of software testing at DistinctCloud

Functional testing

Functional testing lets you breathe a sigh of relief since your application’s individual features are all working as expected.

Usability testing

Usability testing ensures your features are easy to understand and creates a positive user experience while the user interacts with your application.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing provides you with an application that operates properly in different environments and is easy to use by clients.

Localization testing

Localization testing helps you confirm that the interface works for users in their language and location, and the product content is displayed appropriately.

Performance testing

Performance testing ensures your application performance is at a high level and guarantees your product can handle high volumes of user data.

Security testing

Security testing helps you avoid recovery expenses by detecting all security flaws and vulnerabilities, and protecting your information from criminal attacks.

Smoke testing

Smoke testing allows you to receive and assess the viability of your main features and then ensure you can go on with other tests.

Regression testing

Regression testing is helpful for ensuring that new technology will not interfere with previous technological advancements, or keep them from operating efficiently.

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing helps you evaluate the results of your work and ensure that everything is acceptable to use before shipping it out!

Why Choose Us

Implement a solution that will help handle testing on a large scale. Testing allows one to focus on the areas of an application that need more attention as code is being written.


Unparalleled product quality

Eliminate many common mistakes including wrong data being saved, lengthy amounts of rework, and software deliveries being delayed.

Significantly decrease time to market

Decrease the number of bugs and increase the amount of time to produce features by implementing a testing script framework.

Increase Quality, Save Money by Improving Testing.

Applying automated tests as you build, you can greatly decrease regression testing time and costs.

Higher coverage with no extra effort.

A test automation tool increases the depth of your testing measures. This generates wider coverage in memory, data, and program statistics.

We follow CISQ standards to build reliable, maintainable, secure, and efficient software.

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